Tuesday, November 05, 2013

New Dish Towels

I had bought a lot of white dish towels (the "flour sack" kind at Attwood's- they used to have the best deal around...I guess that they still do), for a "Dish Towel Bridal Shower" that did not happen...sad sigh!
And so they sat...a while...till Mom commented last week that we needed to keep an eye out for some new dish towels (she was not thinking of me doing any up for her).  

While she & Dad were out of town over the weekend, I prettied up two of them for her/us!

 They are being modeled by the gifts that my folks brought back for me (aren't they lovely!), they found a FIESTA store in downtown Canton, Texas that sold "seconds"! =) 

FYI: the Royal Blue rick-rack is about 5" from the edge....if you want the particulars on the Yellow & Turquoise, just ask, and I'll try to get them for you!
(To see the first two towels I ever made~ click here!)

 Happy Dish Towel~ looks more like me than Mom! =)

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McKee Family said...

Yes, looks more like you than me, but it's your kitchen, too! =)

I love you, sweetie!