Friday, April 04, 2014

Please help~

Please consider helping out our dear friends (here) ~ it's hard enough when a family looses their home, but when your home is quite damaged, and have such losses to your family business (working ranch) & only income source ....that is really hard and you need Friends, Family, Neighbors and Strangers to help you get on your feet again!   The Hutchins have been working the Ranch for 19 years. (We've known them for like 21+ years...)

Thank you Lord, for keeping the family safe in the storm, and for your protection as they (& their friends) clean up and rebuild.  Amen. 
(This photo is a little old- it is short a few in-laws & grandchildren.)

 "Please help the Robert and Nancy Hutchins Family and their family business, Rehoboth Ranch, recover from the tornado which struck their home and ranch April, 3rd 2014. The complete scope of damage is currently unknown. Their house was severely damaged; losing most of the roof, causing interior ceilings to fall in and resulting in significant water damage. All of the barns were completely destroyed and the dairy sustained significant damage as well. Most of the moveable chicken pens were destroyed including the "egg mobiles" and the laying flock was destroyed. Please see the Rehoboth Ranch Facebook page for more details and pictures.

Rehoboth Ranch is the Hutchins family livelihood, and beyond the basic repair cost, this will seriously impair their ability earn their living. Any donations, great or small will be appreciated, but most of all your prayers are coveted during this time."

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