Saturday, April 26, 2014

Raffa Fun Run 2014

I was planning to participate in the Raffa* Fun Run (well, the 1K walk) for the very first time this year, and I thought that selling a few of my Chocolate Cakes (from scratch- Organic & fair trade cocoa with chocolate cream cheese frosting), would be a good way to raise funds! =)

Then I had another thought~ make and sell Fudge!

This has been a fun, new experience for me~ thank you friends for showing your support in such a yummy, fun way! 
And thank you Mom, for your love, support, help and listening ears.

  ......I'm pleased to report that I sold 14 lb of fudge and  and 14 cakes!         Yum, yum!

If my math was correct, this is about how I did:
$400 from friends buying Cake and Fudge
$125 from Relatives who live too far away to get cake or fudge

This is my "I'm almost done with my Raffa Run 2014 fundraising!" face!
 (I only have one last cake to bake- a birthday cake for E) 

* the crisis pregnancy centers in Greenville & Commerce

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