Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whatever Wednesday: Thinking about Valentine's Day

(I'm posting this early, for those of you that need to plan ahead!)

If you feel sad, lonely or depressed about Valentine's day,  remind yourself that the holiday isn’t all about romance and couples…it’s about spreading love and goodwill…making people smile.

 Buy (or make) the cheesy, silly paper cards and a few lollipops or cutesy pencils and give them to the little or not so little people in your life...take the opportunity to “embrace the kid in you”.  =)   

Create some fun and surprises for your friends and family.   Bake some cookies or a cake…make your own fun and take the opportunity for a party!  (I think that the main reason that this holiday has always been so popular is that it breaks up the winter doldrums.)

I’ll go ahead and confess that some years I’m depressed- but then if I stop and think about it, it's because I’m focusing more on self, and less on others.  Focus on others…giving love and joy.  Not on what “you don’t have that you think everyone else does "have”.....  

What do you think?  Am I right?


McKee Family said...

Yes, you are right! Like I told you when I first read this! =)

It's nice to enjoy yourself and spread that love and joy to others. =)

Love you,

The Wahlquist Family said...

Isn't that what Christ said? "Whoever is greatest shall be your servant?" I think "greatest" here means most, joyful, most fulfilled, etc.
Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Good thoughts! You do that all the time - spread sunshine and love and caring with the people you know (and some you don't). It makes me feel very special and loved. I love watching you use the creative powers God gave you to bless others!! Much Love - Mrs. Bee