Wednesday, February 01, 2017

2 weeks until Valentine's Day!

I could not sleep a wink last night~ I had the "night before xmas" jitters...only 2 weeks until Valentine's Day!!!   I've been waiting ever so long for Valentine's Day to come back again!!!
Remember~ Valentine's Day is for friends, family, children & the young at heart...not just the love birds!  

What will you do this year???   Maybe:
~Buy some candy, package it up...maybe tie comic children's Valentines to them...hand them out to old folks in the grocery store???
~Have a non-Valentine's Day game night?
~Bake some quick breads or cookies, and give them to your neighbors, or friends?
~Give comic children's Valentines to all (or most) of your friends?

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McKee Family said...

Those sound like fun ideas! Let's do some of them! =)

Love you,

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

What a cute Valentine! I just love the graphics on vintage ones. I have a couple coming in the mail. Can't wait! Couldn't resist because one of them had sheep on it and I love sheep. I always give a Valentines treat and card to all of my grands and yes, I have to make sugar cookies. I've already made them once. :) One of my favorites! Thanks for sharing with SYC.