Monday, October 24, 2011

This last weekend in Austin:

(Jason Rink & I)
A 3 day weekend of liberty events:

We drove down on Friday, and that evening was the Founding Fathers Zombie Crawl.
I wanted to wear my Colonial time period costume, but we decided that was one thing too many to deal with that day! I was going to make a sign that read "Mrs. Founding Father - behind every great man is a great woman!"...I carried this "R.I.P. Bill of Rights" Tombstone sign instead. Click here is a small report on the event from UT's Daily Texan.

All day Saturday was the Students For Liberty Regional Conference
....we had a CFL table too.

And all day Sunday was the Young Americans For Liberty Campaign Boot Camp.

Monday: came home!
Need I say that we were (and are) really tired?

Link to Moms post with more photos, and info:
We saw old friends, and made some new friends, and learned a lot too...
but I must add that all those students are very exhausting!
(they have so much energy....)
I wrote this on Friday night:
I could cry...because I just looked in the hotel closet, and realized that I accidentally left my black "business" skirt that I was going to wear the the SFL Regional conference at home. And I left my khaki skirt I was going to wear to the YAL boot camp!
So, I'll have to wear my denim skirt all 4 days of this trip. =[

I know it could have been much worse...I could have left my whole suitcase, or I could have worn a dress today (that would have been bad)!

I guess what bothers me the most is that at the SFL conference last year, I did not wear the "business clothes" that were required, because I did not own any. And during the past year I made sure that I got the proper "flight attendant" clothes...sigh...oh well, there's always next time. (At the Dallas Regional- the 12th of November to be exact. click here)

~~~~~~~~~A happy after note~~~~~~~~~
Guess what!?! After I organized the Texas Rally for Peace in Austin back in April, some of the students got motivated to start their own group!!! I am so pleased & proud of them! =)

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