Friday, March 10, 2017

a Tunic for Spring/Summer

Fergie & I on a warm late Winter's day.
1) Fabric was purchased at:
2) Clothing Tags came from:
(I think that maybe I dress like a teacher...could I have a teacher trapped inside me?)

Dad gave me the tags for my Birthday--I'm not planning to sew them in all my clothes (saving  them for gifts & things I sell), but I just had to try them out!  =)

Mom gave me the fabric for Valentine's Day. =)  Heart balloons sprinkled over something written in ?French? ~ !!!

 Yes, I love this top!


Don't I have some cute nephews & niece?  =)


McKee Family said...

I love how it turned out!!! Yes, it fits "you"! And so fun, too!


Darleen W. said...

Love your outfit, Adrienne! The tennis shoes, matched with jeans and tunic shirt is adorable! I'm still trying to pull this look off!

Mrs. Bee said...

That is so really fits you - your personality! I loved the tags too....

Adrian Leigh said...

Awe, I can tell they love their Aunt! Adorable!