Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sewing for an IKEA Bear

My folks were giving an IKEA Bear to Benj & Jalinda's new baby...so I sewed her a little outfit!

A peasant top & bloomer/shorts.  It was such fun, I can see myself making this gift my go-to baby gift.
...sewing new outfits for the most deserving and favorite children through the years. Happy sigh!
The fabric was left over from the Spring shirt project last year (here)!  =)

Oh, as a side note: Mom sewed a cute blanket for Baby Girl:


Anna said...

Super cute! Well done! And congratulations on being an aunt (again?)!

Nancy W. said...

How adorable!

Mary said...

Darling! Livy loved that top you made her out of that fabric. <3

Rebekah B said...

The outfit is so cute!! You did a great job!

Mrs. Hunter said...

Sounds like fun and resourcefulness met each other again. \o/

Brittany P said...

And even Sophie makes an appearance! ☺️

The bear looks adorable in the outfit you made, Adrienne!