Sunday, October 21, 2018

Nancy Leigh DeMoss & Robert Wolgemuth

 Listening to Nancy & Robert's story had me crying and laughing.  

Crying out of sympathy, empathy, joy and regret. (Regret that I have not lived in whole hearted contentment and trust in God's great plan for me: not that I ever felt called in the way Nancy was, but that I could and should be a better example than I have been so far in life.) 

Laughing out of sympathy, empathy and joy.  =)

Links to the YouTubes that I watched today:

Bobbie’s Story—Infused with His Grace (here)

Building a Marriage for God’s Glory (here)

Nancy & Robert’s Story (here)

The Wedding–A Picture of the Gospel (here)

A Conversation with Mr. & Mrs. Wolgemuth (here)

The Nancy Leigh DeMoss book I read 1&1/2 times so far: "Singled Out for Him" - I bought this little book at the first Single Women's Conference in Big Sandy, TX a few years ago- I don't necessarily agree with everything, but I like that the chapters are short, and it is an easy and yet challenging little book to read....

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Karl E Falster said...

I knew Nancy as a young woman - a Demoss. In fact we did a tour on Christian Reconstrucyion together in the early 80's. It is good you know she has matured so well
Sometimes I think about those days/years, comparing them to my life today as a farmer of grass fed beef in East Texas on Falster Farm.