Friday, December 07, 2012

Funeral Day

There is no "good day" for a funeral.   There are better days and worse days. Today was a worse day.

I've been to quite a few funerals in my short life- Grandparents, a Great-grandfather, my God-mother, and those of assorted Older Friends and Friend's Relatives.

Today, I went to a new kind of funeral: the funeral of my Friend's was really hard- Mr. Shetler was only a little older than my Dad.  The father of 9 of my childhood friends.

I cried a little during the memorial service, and I would have cried more if I let myself...I thought that I was recovered...but then around dinner time the dam broke, so to speak....I told Mom that I felt like I could cry for hours, or even days.    Crying for my friends & their Mom. Crying for me, just thinking about the fact that I'm not ready to loose my parents- how would I handle that (not very well I'm afraid)?  Crying because I just could not help myself.

.....After dinner, Dad said that he wanted a brownie, and Mom & I agreed with him, so I made our favorite brownie recipe: Taste of Home's Speedy Brownies*, and I remembered that the Shetler's got the recipe the same time we did, and it was their favorite brownies too....Megan and I made them together at least once. (that was fun!)  ...And the brownies led to many happy remembrances of times with their family. =)

  (I swiped these Forget-me-nots off one of those "wallpaper" sites)

Please keep your eye out, I'm going to have a fundraiser for the Shetler family soon.

*Find the "Speedy Brownie" recipe HERE.
These are the changes we made: add 1t. instant coffee & an extra 1/4c Cocoa. use only 3/4c Chocolate chips: stir 1/2c in & sprinkle 1/4c on top. Sometimes we add 1c chopped nuts.

 Mumford & Sons - "Not In Nottingham"

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McKee Family said...

Yes, it was the most difficult funeral so far....for many reasons....when you are sad and want to cry, go ahead and cry and pray for the Shetlers.

I hope and pray you'll have a dear husband and children around you when you have to deal with losing either of us! And I'll probably be losing you before you lose me...someday when you get married.

This house, the chores that go with it and the garden, providing good food for our health, and our general lifestyle is more than two people can handle...not sure what changes we'd have to make if/when you leave us.....

Not to mention, you are my bestest girl friend! =) As our "postie" could see the other morning when we had been apart for a couple of days! =)

I love you bunches, my dear, sweet daughter....