Thursday, June 06, 2013

Don't Fear the Zipper~

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Some of you know how much fun I had 2 years ago when I got to join Summer Of No Pants blog party, and at the time I thought, "Someday, I would love to be a guest blogger for SONP, but I'll never be good enough, and what would I say? I don't see what I could encourage people about...sigh...".  Fast forward to this year: After sewing numerous regular zippers, I sewed my very first invisible zipper, and found that although it was scary, it was not as hard as I had imagined it to be!  Shortly afterward Marigold sent out the call for guest bloggers and I thought, "I could make a post about zippers!".  So I did. Thank you Mom & Marigold for encouraging & supporting me in this endeavor. =)

Learning (or relearning) to install a zipper can be nerve wracking the first few times, but you will get the hang of it!  There are actually quite a few ways in which a zipper can be inserted, and I'll admit 3 things right off:
1. I only know 3 ways
2. I am not an expert
3. I'm only showing you 2 ways today,  the Invisible Zipper, and what I call the Regular Zipper.  
Before you start a zipper, be sure that you are not overly tired, and eat a little something if you are hungry.  While you are sewing, Drink Water, Remember to Breathe (I'm not kidding), Pray/Think Positively and last of all, Go Slow/Don't Rush- there is no prize or award for finishing first! =)       One last  thing- you don't have to install a zipper where the pattern says to. I am always moving zippers from the back to the side, and I prefer the zipper on the right side of a skirt, because I find it easier to overlook on my right hip than on my left!


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 To me, there are pros and cons to the Zippers VS  Buttons debate:
 Pro: A zipper well done is a source of immense satisfaction! =)
Con: Zippers are not automatic, so if things don't go right, you have pretty much no one else to blame. 

Pro: Often times buttons are what really makes the outfit! (I really LOVE buttons, even if they are only on cards, and not on clothing!)
Con: Mom's machine has an automatic button hole attachment, so if things go wrong, you can only beg for mercy from an inanimate object....and you sound pretty silly...


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Your zippers look so sharp! Thanks for the giveaway!

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Thank you!

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I rally value your piece of work, Great post.