Thursday, January 17, 2013


Have you ever had TAZA Chocolate?   They are organic, dark, & stone-ground!

I bought my Taza Chocolate (the Coffee kind) as a souvenir in San Antonio.   It was expensive at the little shop, but you can get them less expensively from Azure Standard or Amazon!  I can't wait to try more- like Chili or Ginger! =)

You can just eat it or make cocoa- we ate it!

Read about the company here:

Curious George visits Taza Chocolate Factory:

(or watch here:

Taken from Wikipedia:

 Taza Chocolate has been noted for being economically, and environmentally sustainable, and for their focus on compensating growers fairly for their work.

In the February 2009 issue of Gourmet magazine, Charles Kelsey wrote, "On the palate, Taza chocolate is wild. It buzzes, slaps, and sings with an exotic, winy complexity. Most intriguing is its coarse, faintly gritty texture. At first it's slightly off-putting. But when the tiny granules - pieces of cacao bean - start flashing on your tongue, they hit it with intense nutty, citrus flavors."

 In the October 15, 2008 edition of Wine Spectator, Owen Dugan commented, "I also liked Taza Chocolate... Forget about the texture - these guys stone-grind the beans. Yep, stone-grind. Why? the simple answer is, because they're crazy. But they claim that they get more fruit out of the beans by refining less. Typically, there's a sweet spot in chocolate production- perfect texture and peak flavor at the same time.... Bottom line; If you can get past the graininess you do get a very fruity (I tasted kirsch in the 80 percent bar) but also rustically chocolaty bar, at both 70 and 80 percent"

Do you know anyone who needs chocolate for Valentine's Day? Why not try Taza?  =)

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