Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Summer Of No Pants* 2015 ~ post #8

  My telephone dress is like Post #1 (here) & #3 (here) & 6 (here).

~I used my go-to pattern, the retired Simplicity #8071
~The fabric came from Allegro Fabrics. I bought a piece last year to make a skirt...I did not get around to it, and this year I decided that I'd rather have a thankfully they still had a few yards (on clearance), and I was able to buy more!
~I lengthened the bodice 2 1/2 inches, so I could wear a belt with it. (but I don't have to)
~I also added an extra inch of fabric to each shoulder front, and gathered it to make it match the back bodice.  (Then pinched it out in 2 pleats at the waist.)
~And I pinched out 2 more pleats, so...4 pleats total. =)
~The zipper is a regular zipper, set in the side- easier to get in and out of.

(my post about old telephones can be found HERE)  

*SONP not is officially happening this year, but I like to sew, and wear cute dresses & skirts anyway, so I'll just do my own thing....(Summer of No Pants is a Google+ group, and anyone can join & post at anytime.)


Elizabeth Hutchins said...

Ooh, I love this one!

Katy Lynn said...

Cute, cute dress. Love the belt that goes with it.

Lisa D. said...


Kari Moses said...

Great job!

Amber J. said...

Beautiful work!

Nancy W. said...

That looks so lovely on you!

Linda, owner, AllegroFabrics said...

That is one amazing dress! It looks lovely on you and I think a summer of no pants and just skirts and dresses is fabulous. I think you are on to something. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful creation with me. You make look sew gooood! Linda, owner, AllegroFabrics

Lisa C. said...

Very cute!! Great job!

Aunt Laura said...

This dress as all the other dresses you have made are true classics and elegant! Love the style for you! Try this style with a 3/4 sleeve with a cuff and without a cuff. You have a good eye for style, my sweet girl!