Monday, November 02, 2015

the "Waistcoats" part 1

On our way out to visit the "Waistcoats" (Darleen Waltman "Waistcoat"s family), we stopped at a roadside stand for some farm-fresh Strawberries- they were SO good & fresh! (we took them on our Letts Lake outing)

Phillip the "Baby".

~Addie & William ~

Sophie wanted a group photo. =)

It was a long drive out to Letts Lake- a morning nap was in order!

Ready to play, but we ate lunch first!

~My pretty friend Darleen~

Darleen's Kevin

 Play time!

~My Buddy~

Addie & I

A great way to spend the afternoon!  (I was SO sore for DAYS after!)

How do you get a small child to lay on a blow-up raft?  Very carefully!

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Darleen Weston said...

I loved this post, Adrienne! What fun memories! I'm glad I have photos from that day also!!