Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Valentine Banner

I was enjoying looking at all the lovely Valentine banners that a lot of the bloggers were making, and I thought I should try that- I could do it- but I don't have time. We have company coming!  Then I thought- yes, we have company coming, and the banner that is up is Dad's Father's Day banner/card. And we are hosting a Valentine Party on Monday night.  I decided that I needed to make time for this- don't you agree?! 
So, this banner is Dad's Valentine card & gift! =)

I cut some light cardboard (the thin kind that comes in packaging, you could use card-stock), a little larger than the doily, held it carefully, and sewed it down- all the way around. (Lessen the pressure on the presser foot, and use a larger stitch length, because the needle perforates the cardboard & paper.)  My best results - I started with the lower half of the heart shape. Then you can trim the cardboard to fit the doily. =)  (I had a bubble in each doily)

Print some cute Valentines (I got mine from FPTFY: here), and glue them on to colored paper, cut them out, and slip them somewhere they will be really flat to dry. I then cut a few hearts from glittery card-stock from Jo-Ann Craft Store, arranged the elements, and took photos of them to reference later, knocked off the hearts, and very carefully carried the card & heart to the sewing machine...

 Sewing the card on was much easier than sewing the doily down, Make sure that you stop as soon as you come back to where you started.

Both times, when I got done, I turned it over, and pulled the top thread to the back, and tied it off.

 I was in a quandary as to how to attach the glitter hearts- I always have trouble getting tape and glue-sticks & school glues to stick to doilies, so I gave hot glue a try. It worked well- I used a ton (not on the edges), to make them stand out a bit, but then I forgot, and stuck them down pretty hard! Oh, well! =)

(no photo)

I laid the hearts on the old banner, to make sure that my spacing was correct- it was- my only "problem" was that I cut my Jute twine 1" short. Hmmm...oh, well- it just won't look as good!  I put a ton of hot glue down to hold the heavy hearts securely, and I stuck a scrap of the light cardboard on top, just to contain it all. Not pretty, just practical!

 Hung at last!  (I knotted the end of the twine and thumb-tacked it to the wall behind the photo frame, and tied the other end around the light fixture.)

~I hope that he liked it~

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Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Adrienne, I am so glad you took time to make this sweet banner. I love it and the addition of the sewing stitches always adds extra interest. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. Hope your party was fun, fun, fun!