Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Big Girl" Valentines...2012

(the little girls got little pink drawstring bags with cute butterfly hair ties inside)

It was fun making these- and getting to use up a lot of bits of lace and ribbon! No two alike!

I sewed my little bags with a gusset in the bottom, to better accommodate the potpourri, folded down the top, and ran the stitching around the top.


Make a little "nest" of Spanish Moss...

 ....insert it into the bag~ see, it's still nest like.

Add some Potpourri~ not too much!  (I used the SM to round out the bag, so it felt nice) 

Using a long double thread, run some stitching through the top of the bag, so far down- go back and forth, so that it is securely shut, and a little kid is not very likely to get it open....


...knot it, and leave the needle and thread attached, and stitch down a bow or flower, or tie a ribbon on, and then give it a few small, secret stitches so that it will stay neat and pretty forever! =)  And you are done, and everyone will love them!

(You can tuck a little lace into the top of the bag, and tack it in- just to the front side, not both,or it will look funny!)

Oh, and I made paper cards, too...Joann Crafts had their 12X12 Card stock on sale, so I bought a sheet of each: sparkly pink and sparkly purple.  (I used the rotary cutter to cut out 2"X3" (?) cards- I did the math to make sure that I would make the most possible.)  I traced cooky cutters on the backs and used a razor-blade to cut them out.

To see the party itself, click on the link below:

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