Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine Tea Party

We decided that an after Valentine's Day party would be better, and I think that it was...only next time I would make it more than just one day we could take better advantage of the after sales! =)

As people arrived, we decorated lunch sacks to collect our goodies in! That was fun!

~Partners in crime. Thank you girls for helping out with the younger ones! ~

"Mimi" (Mrs. Bee) explaining to K how to "lick & stick" the old-fashioned stickers I had...K was like "she's out of her mind...this tastes nasty!"

It was a cute lesson...I almost said like licking stamps. Duh, Adrienne! What color is you hair? This is a 4 year old you are talking to! =)
It really made me want to quote from "You've Got Mail": "Oh, my! Do children not know what handkerchiefs are?!?!"

I just wish that I was "with it" enough to have taken photos of everyone with their finished bag! =( At least we got pictures of 3 of us! =)


Right after Kelli came in and greeted & hugged me, she said "My your hair is getting redder, isn't it?!" I said, "Yes, redder and frizzier in my old age!" =)
And coloring after tea~

We want to thank you all so much for coming and making such a pleasant party!

This lovely photo of Jessica & Mom is the only one taken during the actual tea party... I did not get any pictures of the food either. =(

We had 2 kinds of hot tea, cold peppermint tea, apple juice & water, heart shaped cheese, 2 kinds of mini muffins with cream cheese frosting* (and candy hearts on top), homemade spiced pear sauce, and a ton of good dill pickles (from Costco)!
...and Kelli stayed after, and helped clean up~ thank you Kelli! And we watched "Cars 2", before she went home! =) (I must say that I found the 2nd movie much better than the first!)
*Cream Cheese Frosting
1- 8oz package of cream cheese (soft)Link
1/4 cup powdered sugar (sifted)
a dribble of vanilla

Whip it up good, dab it on top of you food, and eat it up yum! =)
~Happy eating!

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