Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a birthday outing

 I thought of a dozen different ways to celebrate my birthday, and never could make up my mind...and on the Thursday evening before my Tuesday birthday, we came up with a plan "M" that had not been thought of~ a ladies (dutch treat) luncheon at TaMolly's!  Despite the late notice, 22 ladies came!  =) 

 First we had to wait to be seated...apparently, 1pm is still a little early to bring a party of 22 people into a popular restaurant, even with a reservation! 

 K (below, on the right), gave me a card that said "Happy Birthday.  Your name means rich. But I think that it means rich with God's Glory."   That was so sweet~ thank you, K! =)

Mrs. Bee, Hannah and I~

Sarah & Rachel & I~

E and I...I like this photo...I don't remember what we were talking about!

 The pretty paper flower in my hair was a gift from the lovely lady B, on the right in the below photo.  =)

Singing to me~

 ~ everyone smiling and laughing after~

Mom and Allison~
The Hale girls and I~

 Party favors/birthday cake (brownies really)~
 (I got the deer tags from Free Pretty Things For You- here)

I made some special ones that were Gingerbread muffins, for us special folks~
One last thing..Allison & Sara gave me "Lucy" she is a Plumeria~ some day she'll have pretty flowers! You can read about them here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~My comment on FB~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I feel SO loved~ thank you all for making my birthday special! 1 phone call, 2 loving parents, 2 text messages, 7 cards, about 10 e-mails, 27 party attendees (if you add all 3 parties), about 60 FB notes, too many hugs and gifts (mostly hugs!!!) to count(!), and ever so many friends & acquaintance to celebrate with me, and cheer me on to do bigger and better things~ Indeed, I am a very blessed young lady! =) Sniff! =) (Thank you Father, for blessing me so!)

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