Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A few gift ideas for children

Capes are always nice, these are fast and easy fleece (although just look around on the web, there are some nice reversible ones) here 
This looks like FUN! here

 Velcro neckties (for a costume box?) here

Marshmallow gun! here

 Every child needs an apron here

This is SO funny! I've seen the adult size, but this is the best yet!  here

The friends of boys and girls need a place to rest their little heads here

I know I always wanted things with my name or initials on them.  here

How about a bib that stays on a little better?  free pattern here

What child, boy or girl wouldn't like a hands free pouch? here

 Baby Dino:

Sack of goodies (or to carry around treasures) here

Activity Book  here

A mouse living in your pocket? yes... here

Yes, doll diapers are very much appreciated   here 
(maybe even make a little tote bag/diaper bag to hold them)

Crafty girl? here

 or here

 ...A female of any age feels loved with something like this~ pampering in a jar: warm fuzzy socks, lip balm, hand lotion or bubble bath, and some chocolates. add a bit of ribbon and a tag.  here

I hope that this was helpful!

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