Friday, October 25, 2013

#AvonleaFW - Shopping for your Anne (of Green Gables)

I thought that some of you may like to see some of these fun things! =)

$24 source
$26 source

                  $32 source (this shop has other kinds too)                   $15-20 source  (DVD)

                   $23 source
                                                                 $1-25 source
                                                                (Kindle, paper & hard back, audiobook etc...)

                        $18 source
                                                                       $25 source  (they have others as well)

 $18 source  (this shop has other colors too)

                $24 source
                                                   $12 source
                                                     (hardback with slipcase)

 $10 source

                 $21 source
                                                                        $4-34 source

 $25 source

They also have:
“My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes”         $20 SOURCE
I could not get the photo to paste!

It's not an Amethyst, but it's pretty.   
 $20 source

Etsy & e-bay are really great places to look for a 
"amethyst" broach

$20 source
(Cooking with Anne of Green Gables Set)

Click here for Music CD's & Soundtracks

 $18 source

  $8 source
 $30 source   Genuine Freshwater Cultured White Pearls  $15 source 

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