Saturday, October 26, 2013

#AvonleaFW - Did Anne forget the flour...

...when she made a Chocolate Cake?   I think she did... =)

 I made a pan of Almond Brownies- Mom & I thought that it seemed like a really close relative of a Flour-less Chocolate Cake.  =)

 Do you ever accidentally leave ingredients out of recipes?  I never leave more than one out, and all my life, it seems to only happen to brownies.  The wheat flour brownies that I used to make, I sometimes left the sugar out, and would have to snatch the pan out of the oven, and try to stir it in...

With the Almond Meal Brownies, sometimes I leave out the butter, because remembering to get the melted butter off the stove to add to the recipe is just not "normal"!  
(but, just think of Laura I. Wilder forgetting the sugar- it can be really nice eating freshly baked brownies topped with all the butter that you want!)

Mom LOVES nuts in her brownies, cookies & candy...frequent questions in our kitchen are:
"Are you going to put nuts in that?"
 "Are there nuts in that?" 
"You are going to put nuts in that, aren't you?"  
Today was the first time we ever added nuts to the Almond Brownie recipe (here).
                     They were good the first day, but the nuts went soggy overnight. =/

~Happy Eating!

(did you ever try to take your picture in the reflection of a dish? That was weird!) 
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