Friday, November 01, 2013

Bedskirt into House & Town skirt

First you wander around the Commerce Goodwill (they tend to have neat things because it's a "College Town" (TAMU) ) and you look over at the bedding, and as you saunter by, you see a denim twin size Bedskirt, for just a few dollars! Then buy it quick, wash it and make a nice skirt out of it!  =)  There was a lot of fabric left over, too! 

I love to add the original tag back to new item I sewed- more fun that way! (And the washing instructions are on it too!)

This is the same skirt that I made for Mom in my Invisible Zipper post (here), but this time I just used a Regular Zipper (here).   It's a  Butterick "fast & easy" #3134 view C (lengthened, and a Bias tape waist (here) instead of the real waistband it called for)

(Sorry, the wind was making it really hard to photograph.)

Remember the movie "Up"? I've only watched it once but I really love the song Married Life. (here)

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