Thursday, April 03, 2014

RIP dear old hand-mixer~

This was my family's 3 hand-mixer in 32 years, and possibly my favorite.....we mixed countless cookies together....numerous cakes together...tons of chocolate candy together...lots of cheesecakes together....pounds and POUNDS of butter together...piles of almond buns together....pans and pans of brownies together.....fantastic amounts of frosting together. Sigh.

The timing was Providential though- I had just finished baking 4 Chocolate Cakes for Raffa, and was just declaring the double batch of chocolate cream cheese frosting to be done, and it died. 

What a way to go! With your boots on, making delicious frosting!

Together is such a nice word.
With my hand-mixer in mind, I've listed a few of the definitions below:
In a relationship, association, business, or agreement.
* Taken or considered collectively or conjointly.
* At the same time; simultaneously.
* Without intermission or interruption; continuously; uninterruptedly: for days together.
* In cooperation; with united action; conjointly: to undertake a task together.
* With mutual action.

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McKee Family said...

Yes, TOGETHER is a nice mind thinks "to get her" or "to gather"....
I liked this mixer best, too!