Tuesday, May 06, 2014

"Tuesday-before-Mother's Day"

      Today was our second annual "Tuesday-before-Mother's Day" ladies lunch at Luigi's.
(This lunch is not a Mother/Daughter lunch....any Mothers and any Daughters were invited to come!)

          I think that I'll have to remember to have photos taken in Luigi's foyer more often ~
                           I really like the way they turned out!  (Commerce location)

(Thanks Hillary, for taking these photos of Mom and Me!)

 Some of the gang from lunch today (there were 13 of us total) ~ it was our Second Annual "Tuesday-before-Mother's Day" ladies lunch at Luigi's. (thanks @Mr. Vaughn for taking the photo for us!)



Bry said...

Wow, you look just like your mom!

McKee Family said...

Thank you, dearie for thinking of this! I love you bunches! And we ARE so cute! =)