Friday, June 12, 2015

Food on Friday: Gluten-Free Applecake (recipe too!)

 Sometimes when you go to share a recipe (that you tweaked) you realize that it does not convert very well to the written page.  This is one of those times...I hope that it makes sense to you and that if you have questions you will ask.  =)    We took it to the Maines, and all 8 of us seemed to like it rather well!

1)  18 oz thinly sliced (& peeled) apples- separated in thirds- 6 oz in the bottom of a greased 9"X13" pan, and 6 oz in each of 2 bowls.

2)  I sprinkled our Cinnamon/Stevia/Sugar mix on the apples in the pan (until kind of brown).

3) Then I stirred 1/2 T. Fresh Squeezed Lemon juice into each bowl of 6 oz of apples and dumped in some plain Cinnamon. And 1/2 T. Sucanat (maybe it should have been 1T.).
(not sure that the above is necessary- I think that another time I would just generously sprinkle our Cinnamon/Stevia/Sugar mix on the apples in the pan -until kind of brown)

4) Double THIS recipe for Paleo Vanilla Cupcakes found HERE over at Elana's Pantry. =)
(I only used 4t. Vanilla instead of 6t.  Another time I would use it all, or 4t. Vanilla & 2t. Almond)

5)  Spread half the cake batter in the pan on top the apples.
6)  Top with one bowl of apples.
7)  Carefully spread the last of the cake batter...
8) with the remaining bowl of apples!

9)  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes?
10)  Cool. and top with:
 I thought that it should have a topping to make it more "special", so I made the topping from the Applecake Bars from "Piece of Cake"-- it's super easy: just melt 6T (or 4-6oz) of Apricot Jelly and pour/brush over the cake....more is better & easier to spread than less!  =)

~Happy Eating! 

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