Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: My visit to the movie theater

While at the movie theater (in Greenville) this afternoon: I was disturbed by a critter running over my foot. Turns out, Mom had SEEN a dark shape run across the aisle, then the critter ran across Charity's feet, and then mine. (get this: NOT ONE of us screamed and I did not squeal loud (I think).) At first we thought it was a LARGE spider, but when we told the employes after they said something like: "The rains flooded out their homes"....that made us think 4 legs, like a mouse. Ugg! =P

Comic book movies I've seen:
(that I know of)
Batman (the first one)
Red 1 & 2  
The Incredibles (the first one)
Green Lantern
Hell Boy (the first one)
Avengers: Age of Ultron

And these sure seemed like comic book movies to me:
Men In Black (the first one)
The Bourne Identity (the first one)


McKee Family said...
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McKee Family said...

I did a double take and thought I must have been "seeing things"!!! It was dark and I just noticed a scurrying shape, maybe? And my feet were off the floor the entire time so I wouldn't have felt it. It was rather creepy and it's a good thing it didn't happen until near the end!


PS you should mention that we ended up watching Bourne Identity because Benjamin talked us into it and he got the movie wrong anyway! Who knows what it was he thought we were seeing! Wow, that was a LONG time ago! And all three of us were disappointed.