Friday, November 27, 2015

Sophie's trip to San Antonio January 2013 part 2

Remember the Alamo! And Sophie!

We were SO cold!!!  We slept late and missed the bus comes in one hour!  Burrrr!!!

Sit still, no playing on the bus!

Witte Memorial Museum

Where is Sophie???

(We ate out once a day,
and ate in the condo once/twice a day.)

Look who was outside the restaurant!?!?!

Bob the Hedgehog was one of the souvenirs I got for Dad.

We went on a little free tour of The Culinary Institute of America.

At the kitchen shop.

Cute sign on our way to the Goodwill Store. 

Pretty hair, pretty lady!

I'm not good at Yahtzee, but I won this game!

One of my favorite pictures taken this trip.

If you go to San Antonino, you must stop by this place for brunch.
(Or just to get a few bakery items.)
If you go- wait a little longer so you can sit in the main room.

I told Sophie that she'd like this restaurant- she did!

Mother ~ Daughter

~3 G~

We saw our first 3-D IMAX.

Waiting for the bus to take us home~


Sophie had lots of fun, but was happy to come home!

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