Thursday, June 06, 2013

The "Regular Zip"

Hello again~
This is another SONP guest post, and it's sort of like my Invisible Zipper post, (found here) not a tutorial, I just hope that it inspires you to branch out (or brush up) on your sewing skills!  =)

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After you get past the tutorial & video,  you will find photos and notes that I made~ hopefully it makes sense to you, and inspire and not daunt you!

This how-to is really good- maybe more informative than mine!

(This one is good- I never thought of taping the zipper on!) Video 1:

(or watch here)
 Before you start a zipper, be sure that you are not overly tired, and eat a little something if you are hungry.  While you are sewing, Drink Water, Remember to Breathe (I'm not kidding), Pray/Think Positively and last of all, Go Slow/Don't Rush- there is no prize or award for finishing first! =)

Pin the seam closed....

...and the easy way to measure the opening, is to lay the zipper so it is even at the top...

..and mark where the zipper stop would be.  Then machine baste
from the top down to the mark (extra pins) you  made. Change to a regular stitch length,
BACK-TACK and finish sewing the seam all the way to the bottom!

Iron the seam open...breathe and smile!

Whip out your beloved glue-stick, and apply glue to the zipper tape...

...line the top edges up, center over the basted seam, and press down with your fingers- rub them up and down if you need to.  It's best if you go away for a bit to let the glue can even let it over night if you like!

(I experimented on this zipper- I hand basted it as well as used glue)  
Carefully turn the garment right side out, and slowly and carefully sew from top to bottom....

...when you get to the end, turn past the zipper stop (if you hit the stop, you'll break a needle), and cross to the other side...

...and head back up to the top!  (Note: some people like to finish off at the bottom
and switch the zipper foot to the other side, and come down again, instead of going up)

It is now time to carefully seam-rip the basting to free the zipper,
and last but not least, run a zig-zag down each selvage/zipper edge to corral the threads!
I like to finish/bind/face the neck opening or waist after the zipper is in~
it looks and feels better that way.  =)

I think that this may have been my best zipper yet!

P.S. I tried an extra deep hem for the first time ever...I think that I like it! =)
(I never did it before, because the thrifty side of me did not want to "waste" the fabric.)

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Unknown said...

Love those chickens! What a great fabric and the dress looks great :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you, Marigold. =)