Monday, July 25, 2016

Musical Monday: Hawaiian pop music

I found some fun music, but YouTube would not let me embed the player, so you'll have to trust me and click on the link.

It would be perfect for your next outdoor BBQ, or Hawaiian luau.
               Or for when you need some happy, but not wild music to wash dishes by... =)

 Please remember that I don't approve of Hawaii being a state/the way they became a state- you can read about it HERE.

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Jenny D. said...

I do love it, on occasion! I actually set up a Hawaiian station on my Pandora, and fine tuned it to mostly authentic native Hawaiian song (lots of beautiful yodeling!) A Christian band played a song called Hai I Ka Haku, and nearly brought tears to my eyes with the beauty of the language, combined with the thought of how beautiful the sound of praise will be in the combined languages "of every tribe and tongue" in heaven! It's really beautiful. You'd recognize the tune, I just can't remember what the English name is for it right now. The Artists' name was Halunape.