Friday, January 20, 2017

a Peplum Blouse

 This top is comfy & cozy--my only complaint is that I did not have quite enough fabric to make it 4-6" longer!

~I used my go-to dress pattern, the retired Simplicity #8071
~The fabric is a printed flannel, purchased from the Wal*mart dollar bin YEARS ago.  (Do they still have a dollar-a-yard-bin?) Mom bought 1 bolt, and I used the rest for night shirts for my folks.
~I lengthened the bodice 2 1/2 inches, so I could wear a belt with it. (but I don't have to)
~I also added an extra inch of fabric to each shoulder back, and gathered it to make it match the front bodice.  (Then pinched it out in 2 pleats, at the waist.) ...I need the extra room across the shoulders.
~And I pinched out 2 pleats in the front, so...4 pleats total.  (2 in the front, and 2 in the back.) =)
~Short sleeves were all I had the fabric for.
~The zipper is a regular (vintage metal) zipper, set in the side, and upside-down- easier to get in and out turned out very well!  And I did not have to try to match the plaid. =)


Ellie said...

There is still dollar-a-yard fabric at Walmart occasionally. My mom got a bunch of it maybe a year ago and just today actually I got a wonderful feeling pink gingham for a dollar a yard!

Aunt Laura said...

Beautiful top. You do such a lovely job sewing.

Joyce A. said...

Plaid is so classic!

Brittany P. said...

It's very cute, Adrienne!

Jalinda said...

It's quite lovely!

Grandma said...

.... your top is beautiful.

Aunt Debbra said...

Love it! You're so cute. <3