Monday, January 20, 2020

Mini Pink & Aqua Valentine quilt/table topper

 How is it that if you sew something you have scraps, and if you commit to using them up instead of storing them---well, they just multiply!  I've used ever so much, but there is always more, LOL!

Back side ~ fabric from Sarah
I was excited to find Amy's easy instructions (HERE) - I do like my little quilt, but I think that hers looks better because her prints were all small.  (funny note: all the white fabric came from ONE sleeve of my "Civil War blouse"- the pattern was miss-written, and that was upsetting to me, so I never finished...I was finally able to throw away the pattern, and start using the fabric for something else!  How freeing!)  

Changes: my quilt measures 20"x20" - it is smaller than Amy's because I used leftover 4" squares from my big quilt project.  (after washing it measures 19 & 1/2"x19 & 1/2")

1/4" seam allowances
2" squares, 1&1/2" strips between, 2&1/2" borders

Amy's tutorial can be found here:

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