Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Birds~ and Adulting

Happy News!  I spotted a Blue Bird!!!   He sat on the swing set for quite a while.  =)   I'm sorry the photo is so fuzzy, but I was zooming through a window & screen!

Other bird news: Mom and I moved the chicken house for the first time.  Once in a while one must "man-up"I almost did a full somersault, and I did land on my head...would have gone farther if I had not been IN the house at the time, LOL!!! 
        (Yes, every bit of clothing I was wearing went right into the wash.)
  With no man around one must do hard things, and I refuse to be one of 'those' single ladies who is ALWAYS crying for help- if I really need help and ask for it, I want guys to take me seriously.

(Note:just hours later, my body already wonders if I should have asked for strong male help...hmmm...next time I will.)

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