Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sophie's trip to San Antonio January 2013 part 1

We left very early in the morning- by bus!

It was funny to drive next to a hay truck~

We saw the Texas Capitol building, and the skyline of Austin.

Our destination has been reached!

First stop: late lunch/early dinner at Schilo's.
I did not think that the food was as good as all the hype made it sound.
Would I go again? No, probably not.

These signs were in all the local buses/trolleys...
...for some reason, they made me laugh.

Sophie wanted her picture with a "real" soldier. Mr. Soldier was happy to oblige her.

~3 Generations~

Sophie ghost hunting.  (In memory of Mrs. Lauer)

Trolley time!

Windblown, cold & beautiful!

It was SO, SO cold!  (At least it was mostly dry!)

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