Thursday, December 17, 2015

Vintage Secret Santa post 1 of 2

After participating in the Mug Swap this Summer, I thought that I'd like to participate in Chronically Vintage's 2nd "Vintage Secret Santa" gift exchange...I sent a few gifts to Rachel in Chico, CA.  I hope that she likes them!  (According to the USPS they arrived Saturday the 12th.)

(I forgot to take a photo before I stuffed them in the mailer!)

I had fun dressing up the package~  I looked at Rachel's instagram...let's just say this: the packages she mails are super cute, and I really like her vintage style.

I also learned about Leon Bridges- and from what I could tell, he is a "neighbor" from Ft. Worth!  Fun!

One of the things I sent was a homemade wool-blend scarf (it also looks really good with a broach).  I think that it has vintage style~ it is warm & soft!

While it was fun, I am not sure if I'd do it again next year.  =) For lots of reasons. =)


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