Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lesson on Laughter and Happiness

...this was a great lesson on Laughter and Happiness- I challenge you to listen to it:    (I find it's easier to listen and not watch)

Why do we always forget the important things, and need reminding to laugh, have joy & be happy?

I know that not everyone thinks that Joel Osteen has anything good to say, but you know- he does get somethings right...he is like every preacher/lesson giver sometimes right & sometimes wrong.  This lesson was really good! 
Is your well of happiness stopped up?  All clogged up with the stones of stress, school, work, etc?  I'm afraid that mine often is...we need to make it our goal to unstop our well, and be the happy people that God wants us to be.

"Every healthy adult should have a healthy child inside"  ~Joel Osteen

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