Saturday, February 20, 2016

My version of Mel's No-Bake Creamy Chocolate Cheesecake

 Bit of trivia: Today is the day I was due to arrive in the world, but God & I had other ideas: I would wait 2 more weeks before putting in an appearance! =)

Tonight I was thinking about friends coming over & cheesecake, and how I should have planned ahead...but I went online, found this recipe, forced the cream cheese to soften (Very carefully, in the oven!) and here you go:

Yum! Rich and not too sweet.  Sarah and I enjoyed it with Toasted, buttered almonds & spray cream on top!  (I think the spray cream may have been over the top.)  

My version of Mel's "No-Bake Creamy Chocolate Cheesecake"

4 oz Cooky or cracker crumbs (regular or Gluten-Free)
2T & 1tea.  Butter, melted

1 package (8 ounces) Cream Cheese, softened to room temperature
1/3 cup Powdered Sugar
1/8 cup Sour Cream-  (I used 1T each: melted Butter, Sour Cream & Kefir)
1/2- 1/3tea. Vanilla extract
½ cup (3oz) – part Dark & part Bakers Chocolate, melted and cooled - maybe even to room temperature.

  1. For the crust, combine the chocolate graham cracker crumbs and melted butter together in a small bowl until the mixture looks sandy and wet. Press the crust mixture evenly into the bottom of 3 two serving size or 6 one serving size dishes. I toasted them in the oven at 350, so you could refrigerate while making the filling.  (mine did not stick together)
  2. For the filling, in a bowl with an electric hand mixer, mix the cream cheese until smooth and creamy, 1-2 minutes. Add everything but the chocolate, and beat again for a minute or so until combined.
  3. Add the melted chocolate (make sure it is cool!) and whip for 2-3 minutes, until the mixture is extremely light and fluffy (this step is key to a creamy, light cheesecake filling).
  4. Carefully spread the cheesecake filling evenly over the prepared crust. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 to 12 hours until chilled and set. Remember the longer it sits, the more cheese cake like it will be.

    The original, sweeter & larger recipe can be found HERE at "Mel's Kitchen CAFE" blog. 

    Happy Eating!

    We also played the Build a Beetle game:

    (I may share this post on "Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson"
    I just love her blog, especially around Valentines day!)

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Darla W said...

Can't wait to try your recipe. =)