Thursday, August 18, 2016

Painting the Guest Room (part 2)

 What do you think???

I just love it- any time of day, any lighting- I love it!  =)  (I keep going back and looking at it!)

One of the things that I did was cut a scalloped template out of a piece of milk jug- traced it all the way around the edge of the wall & ceiling, and painted it twice. =)   
 (I was extra sore, but it was worth it!)

I can't wait to finish decorating this room.  Do you have any decorating tips/idea? 
(I know that I'll do something radical to that lamp....)


((part 3))
 Paint color: "Refresh" by Sherwin-Williams.  If you have pinterest,
search 'sherwin williams Refresh paint', and you'll see some good examples.  =)

(I'll share this post on "Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson")


Anonymous said...

i love your room!

McKee Family said...

So, you decided that my choice of paint color was okay after all? =) I think it turned out more like you were thinking than what I thought it would. It looks good. Nice job, honey!

Love you! Mom

Mrs. Hunter said...

Very nice!

Jalinda said...

Just beautiful! Maybe you could sew some curtains to compliment your accent wall?

Rbekah said...

It's really cute!!!

Elizabeth H. said...

So inspiring! I am now even more determined to repaint my room.

Elisha said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!