Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Little Green Cabinet (part 3)

So sorry I'm SO late in sharing this project with you!!!  =/

I'd been on the hunt for a few years for the perfect or nearly perfect cabinet for my room. I was thinking a little one to stack on my dresser or a actual large china cabinet or hutch- never found the right thing, and then one day, a customer of Dad's just GAVE this one to him for me!!!  It needed paint, and the inside smelled*, but it was CUTE! 

  I was nervous for a few weeks before starting this project (as it was the first of it's kind for me), and then just charged in and did it!  I mostly used a real paint brush, but some places I used a (1"?) foam 'brush'.  The green paint was leftover wall paint I had: "Refresh" by Sherwin-Williams.  Mom was NOT sure that I should use the color, but she loves it now! (the white paint is SW trim paint)

The top of the cabinet & most of the insides are the trim paint- makes a nice hard finish that things should NOT stick to.  The front edge & undersides of the shelves are the green.  Laying in bed, I get to see the underside: happy me, more green to see! 
(I painted the "happy" & "love" I got at Hobby Lobby with "Refresh" also)
I got the lovely little knobs 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

((this is part 3)) 

*it smells like our old church: Westminster Presbyterian Church in Abilene TX, LOL! (still smells, so I can't keep books & DVDs in it that I had intended in it)

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