Friday, April 26, 2019

Fall 2018 Dress 2 of 2

Wow- this dress has been done awhile now, and I have worn it, but did not get it photographed!  So I could not really post about it!  I REALLY love this dress-  the first times I wore it like a jumper with a black long sleeve t-shirt.  I can wear this dress with Black or Brown shoes & accessories.

Round 3: Sewing a dress with an elastic waist, and I tried in June '16, and Summer '17.  It went better this time!

~The fabric is a fine, light weight Red Cotton Corduroy ~ I inherited from the Hutchins Family. =)
~I used my go-to pattern, the retired Simplicity #8071  =)  
 ~ Cut the bodice sides straighter so hence fuller.
~And I lengthened the bodice 2 1/2 inches, so I could wear a belt with it. (but I don't have to because:
 ~I lengthened the bodice and added 3 casings to the inside, and ran 1/2" elastic- I was careful to not stitch the elastic into the zipper, so that if I wished I could take it up, or redo it.
~I added an extra inch of fabric to each shoulder front, and pleated it to make it match the back bodice.  (Then pinched it out in 2 pleats at the waist.) ~And I pinched out 2 more pleats, so...4 pleats total. =0
~OH, and this time I just pinched the shoulder, instead of gathering it. 
~The zipper is a invisible zipper, set in the back.

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