Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 Caption Competition

 Thanksgiving Caption Competition!  Thanks everyone for sharing your funnies, I really enjoyed them!!!  =)

 Benjamin Pleasovich McKee:
 1) 'What is that wonderful smell?' Now introducing new, better smelling Tofu Turkey!
 2) 'I wanted to be Squanto.' 'I have to poo!'

Darleen Waltman Weston:
1. "Ooo, Mom/Dad, is that really an organic turkey from Rehoboth Ranch?" 
2. "Do we really have to wear these?" 
3. "Now I know why it is called stuffing!"

Katy Lynn:
1. Little girl. "I wanted ham."
2. Mom. "Just let me get one good photo of the costumes your Grandma made. She spent two weeks on them."
3. Little girl. "Hey Granny, you know that old saying about watching the sausage get made? It applies to turkey stuffing too."

Jalinda McKee:
1. Wait, there are no candles on it? Why am I trying to blow them out?
2. No smiling Shellie, the first pilgrim caught smiling has to eat all this squash.
3. You're going to put what? In where? Grandmas are weird.

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