Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DIY: Felt Robot pillow/decor

Do you need to help your children make Felt Robots this week?  =)

After looking and looking on the internet, I could not find any cute and easy robot crafts for my sewing class & little friends!  I had to invent my own! =)

 I sewed the basic  robot with the sewing machine, and the child added the extras...  I have the pattern all drawn up in an image below, and it is  in a PDF, but I don't know how to share the PDF with the you on the blog!  = (  (feel free to e-mail/FB message me and request the PDF)

Robot instructions for child:
(after you sew the basic robot above)

1) design/cut/construct and sew on the eyes/smile/face.

2) do you want the bow tie or heart? If so, sew that/those on.
3) should you sew any buttons on the body?
Then stack your front and back together (lay your Robot facing up!), pin, and stitch all the way around (Unless you are going to stuff it: almost all the way around, leaving space for stuffing- after stuffing, pin the opening closed, and stitch shut.)  =)

(should print on 1 sheet of paper)

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