Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Whatever Wednesday: A visitor.

Thankfully the chickens were still locked up, so I snapped a few photos.
And then I ran out screaming like a banshee, clattering a watering can on a broom handle. 
He left.
The chickens said thank you.
Then I let the chickens out. 

(I'm glad that we don't have next door neighbors.)


Ellie said...

I randomly came across your blog a few days ago and have been looking through your archives since. I admire your sewing, It's humble but well executed. I started sewing maybe a year ago and I've had very few things turn out well, How did you learn?

McKee Family said...

Hi Ellie~
Thank you for you sweet comments! My Mom taught me to sew- maybe I was 4 when I started hand sewing, and 8-10 when I was learning to sew with the I've been sewing for a while! =)