Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Sewing: a duvet make a large pillow out of a feather comforter

Do you have trouble figuring just how to store your feather comforter off season?  
I'm not telling you that this is the best way (Must not be, otherwise anyone could buy a large-pillow-making-duvet-cover at any BB&B or Amazon!), but it works well for me, and I get a large and comfy feather pillow during the Texas Spring, Summer & Fall!  Not to mention, if at any time I feel cold, I can just pull out the comforter without having to run up to the attic!

I bought the ruler fabric to make Dad a little pillowcase, but I later realized that I did not buy quite enough for him, so I pieced it with the blue cowboy remnant that I love (but never could decide what to do with).  The back side is a fun Route 66 print Mom bought me. (all 3 fabrics were bought at Jo-Ann...and the dog print the other pillow is wearing)  

I was going for a vintage western feel...I think that I caught it. =) 
Velcro on the open side, closes up nicely.  A twin comforter fits nicely in this 33"x33" cover.

(I actually sewed this January 2017, but I forgot to post about it till now!)
(I'll share this post on "Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson")

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