Tuesday, February 06, 2018

My Movie List----

Some of my current favorite movies are : Road to your Heart, Take me Home, Old Fashioned, How to Fall in Love, Miss Potter, The Holiday, and Big Stone Gap.  Why?  Because they all have so much emotion and connection, and after watching you're like "Wow"....and I'm enjoying movies with "older" main characters- don't have a lot of patience for the 'young and dumb' right now- in fact, the first 7 films listed have older main characters!  Please remember that these are not listed in order of importance, just as I thought of them.  We own all of these- except #8.  I consider them all "clean" except for #6 & #7.

1) "Take me Home"...older main characters: meet, have some drama, get their lives straight, have just enough "comic relief", fall in love and the rest is history.  One of the things that I really like about this one is that the main characters are MARRIED IN REAL LIFE!

2) "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" ...Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman.
What's not to like???
 I was sitting with Grandma Hale, and suffering a grieving heart when the "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" Hallmark series first started...they really got me through a hard time- something to look forward to, something to watch after Grandma went to bed, and I'd just sit and watch undisturbed, crying my eyes out.  I like that they have two or more stories being woven together to make these shows.  In different ways, I could (and can) identify with the the main characters (mostly Rita), and usually I could (and can) identify with some plight or feelings of the other interwoven stories and characters.  
3) "Old Fashioned" ...I love (and think that it is interesting and fun) to have a movie that is so similar in so many ways to me and my quiet life...it is exciting and encouraging to me that in even just one movie the Hero and Heroine have a good, respectful, loving friendship/relationship...do things right, learn and grow (as individuals & couple) AND live happily ever after. Great soundtrack, too!
(my full thoughts can be found HERE)

 4) "How to Fall in Love" ...Happy sigh, another "Pygmalion"
story!  The "un-cool" guy (who really is cool) gets a "make over"- not just looks, but learns to be social and be better at connecting with people.  (For the record, I don't think he needed a complete make-over...I think that he was pretty fine the way he was.)  Harold White was and is a nice guy.  But I completely get it- if someone would make a movie that was the other way around- I would star as the awkward old girl who NEEDS help!  

5) "Miss Potter" ...I greatly admire this young lady! Her gumption, spunk, imagination, and talent.  Her Courage.  
A well done movie, and a lovely soundtrack!
I also like that she is not opposed to marriage and, that she is often a "mess"...like me.  😐

6) "Big Stone Gap" ...Bright side?  I love most of the clothes- especially Ave Maria's sundress & mud boot outfits!  I also like that she has some very good friends.  Not so bright side?  Ave Maria Mulligan and I have something in common- we feel invisible.  Old and unwanted.  A strange kind of Content with our lives, yet at the same time Discontent.  How can that be??? 

7) "The Holiday"...I just LOVE Arthur/Iris/Miles.  One reason I really like to watch it is a nice reminder that love (and friendship) is out there, it will come when God says it's time. (FYI, I watch it with a filter) Another reason I like it is all the gumption and spunk that Iris has- but, that is a bit harder to explain.  (you can find my favorite quote HERE)

8) "Road to your Heart"  ...draw back: it is subtitled.  But even though I don't care a lot for reading my movies, this one is so good I/we watched it 2-3 times, and I'd watch it some more if we could.

Cocky modern boy thinks that he knows everything, meets old fashioned girl-next-door, and finds that he has a lot to learn.

This movie is not available on a DVD in our region, but Amazon has it - how shall we say it? In a cloud?

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