Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Birthday- 2018

Lots of fun was had at the first party/event of my birthday season- we played "Worst Case Scenario" and "Clue"... =)

 Blackberry Jam party favors =)

The second party/event of my birthday season- we went to the North Texas Irish Fest at Fair Park (in Dallas), we met Papa & Grandma over there. =)

Party number 3, we had homemade pizza, Butterscotch Beer (think root beer or cream soda) and played IOTA!  I went out, but Dad won. =)

I was surprised and blessed by 2 letters, a bunch of cards, 2 phone calls, around 70 FB greetings, lots of gifts, food, friends & family this year!

Fourth, and last party: Lunch at the Blairs!  =)

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