Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Half a tree fell...

...after the storm the other night. =)  The canopy landed on top of my flowers, so I had to get it partially cleared before they died.  I started the project out with dull hand loppers, then after Mom used them a while she said let's go see what we can find at Lowes!

What did we find?  FISKARS hand loppers, and a WORX electric chain saw!
Then on the way home we had to pop into Fix 'n Feed to get oil: the sales lady at Lowes told us that every thing we needed was included in the box. NOT true!

~Dear Electric Chain Saw, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE???~

 God was extra good:  Mrs. Bee's bird bath was still upright when I cut away the tree & grape vines! I cut, and Mom hauled away~ thanks for your help, Mom!

Before: (Well, almost before- all my original hand clipper work was to the left of the tree in the photo.)

After:  (We slept well that night.)

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