Saturday, June 08, 2019

What Marriage Means to Me (part 1)

What marriage means to me. Right now. As of 6/8/2019

Let me start with this:

Friends- are Great.
Siblings- can be Wonderful.
Partner in crime- would be Fun.

~Above ALL: Honesty.  I want honesty in all things. If you are dishonest in 'little' things, how long before the 'big' things?  I couldn't promise to not cry or be upset, but we HAVE to talk about it.

 ~Shouldn't you be each other's Other Half, NOT better half?  Other & different?  We are Other and different, not better.  We should complete each other, be compatible.

~Shouldn't you FEEL like a friend/sibling/partner/equal?

~Shouldn't you be equally yoked, and FEEL/KNOW you can take on the world together?

~If you are really a good match and you like each other, shouldn't that remove all time and space boundaries and obstacles and age difference?

~Respect IS a two-way street.

~Marry for more than a handsome face or a cute wiggle and giggle.

~Marry for more than love.  Marry a friend.  Remember to cultivate that friendship.

In my whole life, as far I know, 
I have only seen this kind of relationship in 2 marriages.  
So, I know that while it is not likely to happen to me (or someone I know), 
I KNOW there is a slight chance of it!

"While The Days are Young" (Old Fashioned)
"Best Friend" Jason Mraz

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