Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Whatever Wednesday: Baby Buggies

 Remember the old tongue-twister "rubber baby buggy bumpers"???

Grandma Hale told me that her in-laws gave her a baby buggy when she had the twins, because she already had her hands full with baby Barbara.  She would laugh because she would go out with little Barbara sticking out the "wrong end" of  the buggy, and men & women would hurry to her to tell her she'd done it wrong- that the baby should be turned around, under the hood. Then they would be completely surprised to see the infant twins on the proper end- 3 babies in one buggy!!!  =)  
(note- I do not know what brand Grandma Hale had)

1950's "Boodle Buggy":

Advertisement of a 1955 ad for Welsh "Boodle Buggy":

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