Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Crochet Fun~ round 1

A long while back Mom & I bought Amigurumi: Woodland Animals (DVD) with Stacey Trock ((BUY it HERE)...oh, and it is on sale right now!), well, we finally started it!!! The first project was the Bird.

First little bird I made with button eyes (regular Red Heart & a G hook), found a good home with Deya!

And then I "tweaked" the pattern so I could use the bit of leftover baby yarn I had, and used those snap in animal eyes.   See- much smaller & rounder- maybe even more adorable:

Changes made:
Body: Stitched Rounds 1-10, skipped ahead and stitched rounds 15-21, skipped ahead again and stitched 27-34.
Wings: Stitched 1-6, skipped ahead and stitched round 9.
Attached Wings on row 11 and Beak on rows 8 & 9.

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