Saturday, March 21, 2020

Crochet Fun~ round 6 (with a pattern)

(I edited this post to give you the pattern!)

I invented a blanket pattern after I could not find one I liked....

So far so good~ I had a little trouble counting the chain stitches, so I was off by 2, and had to squeeze them out at the end 😓  (don't like to do that kind of thing).  But I like the look so far- it is better with 3 colors, but I got carried away, and forgot the white row, Oops!!😂   So, now the story is that I did it on purpose.
 I read about the old fashioned way of writing crochet patterns- a kind of "shorthand" if you will-- I tried it and I like it! SO easy!!!

NOTE: be sure that you like the way it looks when you stop & start a row- there is NO avoiding it later- you like it or not, and it's too late to want to change.

Also, I don't recommend starting or stopping on a Triple stitch. 

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